The Woolly Brand creates Woolmark certified, extra fine merino wool knitwear that is smart, sustainable and up for the rough and tumble. Our knitwear is designed to gently swaddle your newborn and be at the ready for your little ones woolly adventures. We want to take the hassle out of raising your kids by ensuring our knitwear is machine washable.

Anna Brand, a rural mum and neonatal intensive care nurse, founded The Woolly Brand in June 2022.

Not everyone has a knitting Granny in the family anymore and yet the memory of hand-knits is a common thread in many childhoods. The Woolly Brand is a chance to replicate the nostalgia of those cosy memories and an opportunity for you to create a new generation of quality merino wool hand-me downs.

Photography: Georgie Mann Photography

Q What The Woolly Brand knitwear made from?

So glad you asked!
All our knitwear is made from Woolmark certified 100% Australian Extra-Fine Merino Wool that is machine washable!

Q I thought wool was finicky, how on earth could I possibly care for it without it becoming clothes for dolls?

Great question and don't I have the unicorn sparkle answer for you!
Our yarn is machine washable! You read that correctly. Just pop it in the washing machine on a cold wool cycle, don't forget your gentle wool detergent and then lie flat to dry. No dramas if it ends up on the line, it just might change shape to your own special one!
(I like Softly Wool Wash as its been tested and approved by Woolmark).

Q Why should I invest in merino wool knitwear for my little ones?

Such an important question.
Merino wool is ideal for little ones because it has some incredible features.
- The ultimate in safety - it's is naturally fire retardant, has the ability to thermoregulate which means it keeps you cool on a warm day and warm on a cool day, and finally moisture wicking so will draw away moisture from the skin keeping so no clammy kiddos.
- The extra fine wool fibres are soft, snuggly and ideal for next to the skin.
- The queen of sustainability. Merino sheep naturally grow a fleece each year which for their welfare needs to be shorn. This creates a natural, sustainable and renewable fibre.

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